Brent Rakus, a Chester County native, has been delving in metal work since he was in his early teens. As he worked in his father’s HVAC shop, he developed a love for metal work and was able to transform it into art.  

     Although he worked with metal, his first acrylic on canvas piece of his daughters in the water, was created without  any technical schooling.   This showed his abundant talent and drove him to pursue a career in art. He honed his talent by attending West Chester University where he graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Art. His artwork was featured in the West Chester University Senior Art Exhibit where he won the 1st place award. His graphic design and 3D metal artwork was displayed during this event.


     He has an undefined talent for creating metal artwork as well as acrylic pieces on canvas and plexiglass. All of his artwork is hand made and hand cut to keep his creativity free and ready for challenge.





Brent Rakus

Avondale, Pa 19311

Tel: 610-246-9783

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